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Blogs I’ve Written!

3 Aug

Here it is…the last day of my internship.

I have been here for 11 months. I am going to miss Q104 and The New 102 a lot. I have been blessed to have learned a lot from everyone here at CBS Radio in this building. I cannot express how much fun and how much love I have for my internship. At school, I would sometimes over hear others talking about how they did not like their internships or they were constantly changing from one place to another. I could never understand, maybe I was just lucky to be able to work with such a close knit family at this building.


Anyway, here are my latest and last blogs for both stations.


Blogs I Wrote

18 Jun

Today I have been pretty active in my blog writing for CBS Radio here in Cleveland. I had a couple of syndicated posts, as usual, this morning. Yet, I was still able to post some of my own writing today.


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Blogs I Wrote Today

9 Apr

I was on quite the roll today when I showed up for my internship. Sometimes when I think it is going to be a slow entertainment news day, I surprise myself with the amount of content I am able to find and get up onto the WDOK and Q104 websites.

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Celebrity Tattoos

6 Apr

A couple of months ago there was a boring entertainment news day while I was at WDOK so, I thought, “what would be good to do as a photo gallery?” As I scanned through TMZ, I saw Eva Longoria was having one of her tattoos removed. I didn’t even know she had a tattoo, let alone multiple! That gave me the idea…if I did not know Longoria had tattoos, who else in Hollywood has them that I was unaware of? That is how I came to write and put together a photo gallery that took off like wild fire on the WDOK website. It had over 90,000 views within a month, which is unheard of.

WDOK: Celebrity Tattoos

Blogs I Wrote.

6 Apr

These are blogs/posts that I wrote or put together today for the radio stations (Q104 & WDOK) that I work with on a regular basis.

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