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Blogs I’ve Written!

3 Aug

Here it is…the last day of my internship.

I have been here for 11 months. I am going to miss Q104 and The New 102 a lot. I have been blessed to have learned a lot from everyone here at CBS Radio in this building. I cannot express how much fun and how much love I have for my internship. At school, I would sometimes over hear others talking about how they did not like their internships or they were constantly changing from one place to another. I could never understand, maybe I was just lucky to be able to work with such a close knit family at this building.


Anyway, here are my latest and last blogs for both stations.


Blogs I’ve Written!

2 Jul

My creativity has been flowing! Not only with blogs, but with potential ideas for my demo and other projects I am working on. Very exciting!

Plus, tomorrow on BeOnAir.com, I plan on doing a 3 hour show! The show is usually only 2 hours, but with the 4th being this Wednesday, I thought a special 3 hour show would be appropriate to celebrate!

Here are some of my latest blogs!

Blogs I Wrote

18 Jun

Today I have been pretty active in my blog writing for CBS Radio here in Cleveland. I had a couple of syndicated posts, as usual, this morning. Yet, I was still able to post some of my own writing today.


  Read My Posts Here!

Blogs I Wrote

9 Jun

Over the last few weeks, I have been writing quite a few blogs at my internships. The New 102 and Q104 in Cleveland, however most of them have been sydicated and only need to be edited for our websites. I have managed to write a few of my own as well. Take a look beyond the link and see what I have been writing recently.

Q104 and WDOK Blogs

What A Busy Week?!

4 May

This week has been amazing as I continue to build my resume and broadcasting experience.
Wednesday was my class’ 30 Minute News Cast.
Thursday we had Dense Dufala from 19 Action news come in and talk to us.
Today, I wrote my blogs for Q104 and WDOK, but there were some awesome bonuses!
Also, I went in to my school to do an interview for some of my classmates.

What Have I Done All Week During These Events?

Blogs I Wrote

30 Apr

Today is another day at CBS Radio, Q104 and WDOK.

I really love being about to write posts, polls, blogs and galleries. Especially when they do so well. Today I got news that last week when I posted Celebrities’ Real Names on WDOK that I reached over 104,000 views last week alone! That is more hits on that post than the WDOK homepage. Incredible right?
That was my second post I’ve wrote since I’ve been here that has reached over 100,000 views in one week.

Today, I wrote some more blogs for WDOK and Q104.
Check Out The Blogs I Wrote Here!

Blogs I Wrote

23 Apr

Today was another day at CBS Radio in Cleveland. As always I wrote blogs for Q104 and The New 102, WDOK.

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