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FireBall Run Adventure Rally

18 Oct

I am currently working on my travel blog to give you details about my trip with FireBall Run Adventurally last month. While I finish the last of three blogs of my experiences, I hope you will enjoy this article from the Sun News in Cleveland. Susan Ketchum interviewed my group and Chris O’Connell who helped get OCB this opportunity.

Sun News On Fireball Run & The Ohio Center For Broadcasting


Help Find America’s Missing Children

19 Sep

Ever since I returned from vacation I have been working on some projects revolving around FireBall Run.

In July, I had an interview with J. Sanchez and Brian Bazala to be a part of a live production team that would be traveling and working with everyone during the FireBall Run Adventurally.

Every Friday night, my team and I put together a live show that was streamed to the internet on FireballRun.com We did the set up, ran the show, and tore it down. We went out to different locations and ran the show. This was in order to prepare ourselves for the events we would be covering while on the road.

Those shows are now over.
We also have been spending the previous couple weeks working on binders of information. Anywhere from the different locations we will be streaming from to some of the teams we may have the opportunity to interview.

Now is the time to put all of our hard work into action.

Follow Fireball Run and my production team LIVE from Friday Sept 21st- Saturday Sept 29th on Fireball Run’s Live Page