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24 Mar

Two weeks ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about the TED X talk I was going to be working when we were interrupted. A woman was listening in on our conversation and when I mentioned TED she couldn’t help but interject she was excited for me. At this point, I didn’t know much of anything about the context of TED, I just knew I would be the technical director of this show. It’s something I have been trained to do, something I pride myself on knowing.

As this lady continued she explained so much to me about TED – Technology, Entertainment, Design


  Read More About TED X CLE


Potential Documentary

18 Jan

As I sit here, my writers’ block is incredible. I want to write how difficult it can be for me to be inspired.
Last weekend I was training for wrestling with a girl coming up in the business. I promised to lend her some DVDs to watch and her trainer talked about Lipstick & Dynamite. A documentary on the history of womens wrestling. Even though, it is a great documentary it is shot terribly. It was released in 2004. It could have been so much more. I decided when I got home, I wanted to watch it. That is where inspiration sparked!



FireBall Run Adventure Rally

18 Oct

I am currently working on my travel blog to give you details about my trip with FireBall Run Adventurally last month. While I finish the last of three blogs of my experiences, I hope you will enjoy this article from the Sun News in Cleveland. Susan Ketchum interviewed my group and Chris O’Connell who helped get OCB this opportunity.

Sun News On Fireball Run & The Ohio Center For Broadcasting

Help Find America’s Missing Children

19 Sep

Ever since I returned from vacation I have been working on some projects revolving around FireBall Run.

In July, I had an interview with J. Sanchez and Brian Bazala to be a part of a live production team that would be traveling and working with everyone during the FireBall Run Adventurally.

Every Friday night, my team and I put together a live show that was streamed to the internet on We did the set up, ran the show, and tore it down. We went out to different locations and ran the show. This was in order to prepare ourselves for the events we would be covering while on the road.

Those shows are now over.
We also have been spending the previous couple weeks working on binders of information. Anywhere from the different locations we will be streaming from to some of the teams we may have the opportunity to interview.

Now is the time to put all of our hard work into action.

Follow Fireball Run and my production team LIVE from Friday Sept 21st- Saturday Sept 29th on Fireball Run’s Live Page

Graduation & Vacation–Never Stop Learning

23 Aug

August 10th was graduation.
In the morning I had to be at the school for a Skype meeting with the Exective Producer of Fireball Run. I learned during that time that even though it was graduation day, I would still be seeing lots of OCB.
Mr. Sanchez (EP) wants a weekly live show to help us prepare for what it will be like on the road for Fireball Run.

The ceremony was short and sweet, but emotional. The kind of emotional that you’re glad it is over, but sad because of all the memories that were shared between your classmates, instructors, and other staff. It is also a scary time, cause now what?! You’re graduated, what is the next step. Luckily for me, that next step is Fireball Run. After that, it is time to hit the drawing board! Even though I have been thinking about it already.

Next step after graduation…vacation!

One Year

24 Jul

Recently, I have been thinking about how fast a year goes and how much changes.
I saw the photo above on Pintrest and it speaks loudly to me. I wanted to share some of my experiences over the past year.

Things have changed drastically for me and I’m better because of some of the decisions that I have made.
Over the past year….

Blogs I’ve Written!

10 Jul

Friday I was not in the CBS Radio studios. I was driving to Montreal Quebec Canada for a show.

However, yesterday I made up for it by posting some blogs.
Also, I got some great news that my 4th of July Fireworks post did well on both sites. People said it was very convenient and well done. Always great to hear when you are complimented, especially as hard as I worked on that post. It took me most of the day last week.

Katy Perry’s Divorce: Not Ready To Start A Family

Dark Knight Rises

American Olympians To Watch During the 2012 Olympic Games
This took me some time as well. Photo galleries usually do, but I did tons of research to find out who is who this year on the American teams.