About Stephanie

This is the professional page of Stephanie Sager, a professional wrestler known to many as Sassy Stephie.

I went back to school because I have many goals and aspirations outside of wrestling that I would like to accomplish.

Lets start from the beginning.

I started working at a bowling alley when I was 15 as a snack bar attendant, but I had a passion for music. Soon after I started being a DJ on Friday and Saturday nights during as Cosmic bowling. I loved it, but it still was not enough for me. My friend, Joe Salzone, at the time had a radio show on Sundays on Long Island. He knew my passion for music and radio so he gave me a chance to come on his show and do an entertainment report. I was able to call in and do that for weeks, which gave my fuel to continue into radio and other forms of broadcasting.

I started going to a local promotion, United Wrestling Council  (UWC), on Tuesday nights. I became friends and networked with everyone because I loved being around the wrestling business. One night, at the bowling alley, I had an 80’s night. One of the commentators, Keith Young, came out and hung out that night. Soon after the ring announcer was sick at UWC and Keith told the promoter that I would be a great fill in. I did fill in that night and quickly took over as the full time ring announcer. From there I started ring announcing all over the state! One night a wrestler said “You have so much passion for this, why don’t you do it?”

That hit me hard, why hadn’t I? Instantly I started looking up wrestling schools and applied and started training with Ohio Championship Wrestling (OCW). I trained there for 8 months before my first match on March 10th, 2007. Now, I’m five years in – I have wrestled in 13 states and in 3 countries.

In 2010 when I visited England for wrestling I did 3 in-studio interviews for a promoter at different radio stations across the UK which reminded me how much I loved radio and instantly wanted to get back involved with music and the whole radio business.

Ready for me to bring this full circle?

There was a UWC ring announcer, Paul Kover, before the one I replaced that I had become friends with who had moved to Las Vegas. He came to Ohio Center for Broadcasting and years ago, he told me about this school. I had been interested for years, but I was not in a place where I was able to be apart of the school. However, now I am recent graduate and ready to explore the world of broadcasting.

Just recently I worked with the film production crew of Fireball Run. It was a fantastic opportunity, I was able to learn and network a lot. I am hoping to make those lasting connections so that I can continue to grow as a person and a broadcasting professional.

My goals and interests are constantly changing, but I’m excited to see what the future holds. My love for music and radio is still strong, but my passion for TV and production has ignited, especially after FireBall Run and I want to be involved with TV or film behind the scenes in any way possible.


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