24 Mar

Two weeks ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about the TED X talk I was going to be working when we were interrupted. A woman was listening in on our conversation and when I mentioned TED she couldn’t help but interject she was excited for me. At this point, I didn’t know much of anything about the context of TED, I just knew I would be the technical director of this show. It’s something I have been trained to do, something I pride myself on knowing.

As this lady continued she explained so much to me about TED – Technology, Entertainment, Design



TED X CLE was an independent event. The hosts mentioned during one of their introductions that the theme wasnt chosen, it chose the event. As the hosts gathered who they wanted to speak and the community voted on who they would like to speak at the event, a theme appeared: Bonefire//Ignite

March 20 – Rehearsal
I showed up early to rehearsal because I wanted to make sure I was ready for this. As confident as I was, I was still somewhat nervous about this event. When I arrived I was shown to the stage area. I was able to see the backstage area, meet all of the TED X CLE crew, see where the cameras and other equipment was set up, and I met up with the man who hired me, Dave Shaw.
Dave then showed me down to the Distance Learning area, where I would be sitting in studio B with the director and doing my magic. I sat down got comfortable with which camera was which on my screen.

When the director arrived (remember I was early) we chatted about our experiences that brought us to this point. He was mostly experienced at films and not live broadcasts. I have more experience with live broadcasts, so we both learned a lot from one another. Soon after, he had to leave to run some errands.
His errands took him most of the day.
After, he left I was free to play and take my own shots. I love doing this, being involved with TV production, so I often refer to it as playing. It is amazing to me that I am able to do something I am so passionate about, get paid for it and call it a job. I sat at the Tricaster for several hours, recording and taking different shots, watching and listening to each speaker so during the live event I knew what to expect, calling shots to the camera operators. Honestly, I love it. Once the director returned, we spoke about his vision and my visions for the live event the next day. We both were on the same page. After rehearsals wrapped, we all left for the night and planned to return early as possible the next morning.

March 21st – TED X CLE live event
As we planned we all arrived earlier than planned. Call time was 11, I got there at 10am. I said my good mornings to everyone and watched some of the speeches do a run through again up in the auditorium. Which was actually a great idea. One of the speeches decided to change-up some things, which impacted us down in the studio, but we would have never known if I wasn’t sitting there.
I made my way down stairs to Studio B and brought up our program in the Tricaster. Once audio and visual were up, I started recording and switching again just as practice before the show.
The director and I worked extremely well together. When he was calling shots, I almost instinctively queuing those shots. When he left for bathroom breaks, I’d get on the head sets and call my shots to the camera ops.
This day flew by, I was having such a great time.
Honestly, I hope I am able to do a TED or TED X event again.
I learned a lot, expanded my experience, networked, and had a great time — and got paid to do it. Simply, cannot ask for more!


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