Potential Documentary

18 Jan

As I sit here, my writers’ block is incredible. I want to write how difficult it can be for me to be inspired.
Last weekend I was training for wrestling with a girl coming up in the business. I promised to lend her some DVDs to watch and her trainer talked about Lipstick & Dynamite. A documentary on the history of womens wrestling. Even though, it is a great documentary it is shot terribly. It was released in 2004. It could have been so much more. I decided when I got home, I wanted to watch it. That is where inspiration sparked!


After I finished the documentary, I knew right away I could do my own documentary. With the skills I learned at Ohio Center for Broadcasting, continued experience with FireBall Run, and some of my friends who could give me advise it is well within my grasp.

I have a vision and I cannot wait, with my resources, to get started. I have contacted some of my friends already. I plan to start shooting this as soon as possible. The plan was tomorrow, but due to unforseen circumstances with a girl that I wanted to film is unable to make it to the show tomorrow night.

I am doing this as a project. I plan on doing all the work, except being the interviewee. I have several women that I am going to try to reach to do an interview with. I know this is a difficult task because I do not know all of them.
I’ve been asked about a crew, but again this is my project.

The end result, I would LOVE to complete this in a timely fashion and be able to sell the DVDs. I am very excited about this opportunity I am creating for myself.


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