Graduation & Vacation–Never Stop Learning

23 Aug

August 10th was graduation.
In the morning I had to be at the school for a Skype meeting with the Exective Producer of Fireball Run. I learned during that time that even though it was graduation day, I would still be seeing lots of OCB.
Mr. Sanchez (EP) wants a weekly live show to help us prepare for what it will be like on the road for Fireball Run.

The ceremony was short and sweet, but emotional. The kind of emotional that you’re glad it is over, but sad because of all the memories that were shared between your classmates, instructors, and other staff. It is also a scary time, cause now what?! You’re graduated, what is the next step. Luckily for me, that next step is Fireball Run. After that, it is time to hit the drawing board! Even though I have been thinking about it already.

After the ceremony, I left straight for Virginia. I was wrestling at Hazzard Homecoming. It is a festival for the Dukes of Hazzard tv show. I was apart of it last year and I could not pass up the opportunity again. All of the characters from the show were there.
The show is unlike most other wrestling shows. We use a trailor to get dressed, the show is outside. We wrestle two matches at noon and two more at 3pm. Plus, we wrestled both Saturday and Sunday. The heat is intense, but it is so much fun!
I took my video camera and shot some video which I plan on using down the road for a documentary as sorts. I shot my matches, the General Lee stunt show, some of the General Lees on display, and more.

On Monday I went to Orlando Florida for vacation. When I spoke to Mr. Sanchez before graduation I told him I would be at Universal Studios, where the Fireball offices are located. I was able to set up a meeting with him and he took me on a tour of his offices, the back lot at Universal and gave me a lot of information.
I also met with Mr. Bazala the director of FBR. He also gave me more information and possible direction for in the future.
Both of those meetings were beneficial. I feel when Fireball Run shoots out of the gate on September 21st, that I am fully prepared from the information that was given to me.

My vacation was not all business. I was able to spend two days at Universal exploring the park, mostly the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I love those books and movies.
I also wrestled while I was down there. I wrestled Mia Yim for Shine 2. It was live on IPPV and as always I take the opportunity to watch and learn. Instead of using a Tricaster to steam live, which is the equipment I’ll be working with for FBR, they use a Stream Breeze. The feed is super clean, but doesn’t have all the bells and whistles like a Tricaster. Personally, I am still learning on the Tricaster so, some of the bells and whistles allude me still. I’m working on that!
However, the man who developed the Stream Breeze was on hand as well. I spoke to him for some time and I hope that will be an evolving friendship.

Now I am back home. Every day I am at OCB figuring out what the next step is for our show. This week we are broadcasting live from a concert at Loch 3 in Akron. I’m hosting this week. Music is something I love, so I think this will show off a lot of my personality. I’m looking forward to what happens as a result of tomorrow. I am working with a great team. As the title of this entry says, “Never Stop Learning” and tomorrow at the concert…I’m sure with a live broadcast I’ll learn quite a bit.


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