One Year

24 Jul

Recently, I have been thinking about how fast a year goes and how much changes.
I saw the photo above on Pintrest and it speaks loudly to me. I wanted to share some of my experiences over the past year.

Things have changed drastically for me and I’m better because of some of the decisions that I have made.

July 11, 2011
I started at Ohio Center For Broadcasting. I started in the night class. I loved most of my classmates. Some of them, I truly miss.
From July to November, my class was constantly shrinking. Life outside of school was too much for some of them. This school demands a lot of your time and even your spare time. Family and friends sometimes have to be put on the backburner in order to make your dreams to come true. Between working on various projects, you also have internships. We were the first class to need 308 hours of internship hours. That is a lot for people who have to work full time to support their families.
In November , I was told that my class had to join another class due to only having 3 people left in my original class.
We had a couple of weeks off before we joined the class behind us because they were about a month behind us. Although, we did get a cool project to work on while we waited for that class to catch up with us. We made a Finiancial Aid video. Sounds boring right? Oh no! The concept was mocking tv shows including WWE Wrestling, The Office, Dr. Phil, Jersey Shore, Walking Dead, and American Idol. (The video is on my visual page)
At that point in time I was only in school for a couple of months and I had already learned tons in radio and I was editing my own videos. The Financial Aid video, I edited myself. It was difficult and I did have a lot of help, but it was my own project. All three of us made our own versions. Very similar, but mine was picked as the video to be used.

On top of this, I had my internship since September. If you check out my posts, you know I do the digital internship at New 102 and Q104, which is 2 of the CBS Radio stations in Cleveland. As I grew up listening to the radio Q104 has always been my favorite. I have been incredibly blessed to be there. In fact when I leave I will miss it like crazy! It is very much like family there.

In mid-December I joined the 8-16 class along with Joe and Felicia who were my other classmates still around from 7-11. Now, I’m a pretty personable person. While I was here at school while working on various projects up to that point, I made friends with the class I was going to be joining. I had even spoke to them a few times when I would come in to share some of my work with Maggie, one of the best instructors here.
Joining this class I felt even better about my experiences here at this school. More students around my age, more similarities.
Soon after I was the last person standing from the 7-11 class. Felicia had to move. Joe was sick and had to withdrawl for some time. He has since joined the 9-13 class and is on his way to graduating as well.

I have since worked with everyone in this class on projects including music videos, station days, and a 30 minute newscast. I have done some on my own. I have grown so much as far as my creativity, my skills, my friends, and in life in general. I have filled almost every position on most of the projects making sure to be completely rounded in everything that I was doing.
Everyone who comes into your life will always change you, even if it’s only slightly.
The people from the OCB staff, CBS Radio, my classmates, other people that I have worked with due to other opportunities that I have taken advantage of, has helped me to grow in ways I could never thank them enough.

As graduation approaches I want to make a list of everyone that I need to thank. I have to send them cards to thank them for helping me to grow and become a better person and a better professional.

It is a scary time for me now. I have 3 days of class left. 2 days left at my internship. 2 shows left for…it is all coming to an end. It is time to start my career.
I already have a GIANT leap into my career. I have been officially added to the crew of Fireball Run, a live movie. More on that another time though! In fact, soon I plan on writing a blog about the whole intimidating process.
I never thought at the time of graduation I would be already apart of the business in the way I am going to be with Fireball.

Life and time will only tell who will come into my life and what I will be doing in a year from now.


One Response to “One Year”

  1. Terry July 25, 2012 at 2:39 pm #

    Impressive…first in the fact that you have taken the time to articulate how your OCB journey has unfolded, and honestly insightful as to your own strengths along the road.

    The fact is, you are a remarkable person on many levels, and the real journey is just beginning!

    Terry Wilson

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