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One Year

24 Jul

Recently, I have been thinking about how fast a year goes and how much changes.
I saw the photo above on Pintrest and it speaks loudly to me. I wanted to share some of my experiences over the past year.

Things have changed drastically for me and I’m better because of some of the decisions that I have made.
Over the past year….


Blogs I’ve Written!

19 Jul

Here is another sampling of my work from Q104 and The New 102

Octomom Stripping Pictures

10 Things That Are Cheaper In The Summer

Is Carly Rae Jepsen A Fraud?

19 Jul

Only two shows left before I leave the BeOnAir studios.

I’ve been apart of since last September. The “Fab & Sassy” show has had its ups and downs. The biggest blow was in January when we returned from break and I had to announce I would be flying solo on the show. Felicia over the winter break had an opportunity to move to Atlanta.

Over the past 7 months since she left, I have molded the show into “The Sassy Show.” I have been having a blast with the show playing requests, talking all sorts of nonsense, and having people listening in every week. It has been unbelievable.

The listeners always there on Facebook and Twitter have made my show as well. I cannot thank you enough that have listened one week or every week. I love you.

This is just a small thank you and I am sure come July 31st, my last show….I’ll have more special thank you’s for the people that have been involved during my show.

Blogs I’ve Written!

16 Jul

Just a few weeks left at my internship leaves me sad, but determined to have some great posts before I leave. I want to leave my mark for all the other interns to live up to. Good luck!

Check out my latest blogs here!

Blogs I’ve Written!

10 Jul

Friday I was not in the CBS Radio studios. I was driving to Montreal Quebec Canada for a show.

However, yesterday I made up for it by posting some blogs.
Also, I got some great news that my 4th of July Fireworks post did well on both sites. People said it was very convenient and well done. Always great to hear when you are complimented, especially as hard as I worked on that post. It took me most of the day last week.

Katy Perry’s Divorce: Not Ready To Start A Family

Dark Knight Rises

American Olympians To Watch During the 2012 Olympic Games
This took me some time as well. Photo galleries usually do, but I did tons of research to find out who is who this year on the American teams.

Be On Air!

10 Jul

I’m streaming live and on the Tune In Radio ap on your smart phone now. Take a listen!

To download the Tune In Radio app. It’s free in the App store. Download it, search and I’m on the Alternative station.

I’m on the air every Tuesday night from 6-8pm est, but this is one of FOUR shows left before I graduate!

Blogs I’ve Written!

2 Jul

My creativity has been flowing! Not only with blogs, but with potential ideas for my demo and other projects I am working on. Very exciting!

Plus, tomorrow on, I plan on doing a 3 hour show! The show is usually only 2 hours, but with the 4th being this Wednesday, I thought a special 3 hour show would be appropriate to celebrate!

Here are some of my latest blogs!