14 Jun

Sunday afternoon I had the opportunity to help shoot footage for a Sizzle Reel that is going to be presented to Fox Sport Ohio as a potential tv show.

Not only was this a great opportunity to see how a TV show develops from the very beginning stage, but the man who I was working with has so much experience in TV as far as shooting, editing and producing that I could not name all of his credentials if I tried. The one credential that I was told about originally, prior to meeting him, was he was a producer for 8 seasons of Amazing Race. While being apart of Amazing Race he also won an Emmy for outstanding cinematography.

PLUS, he was a graduate of the Ohio Center For Broadcasting.

When I was first told about this chance to work with a producer from Amazing Race and it was going to involve different formats of racing. I am not interested in any form of racing, but I want more sports experience to add more depth to my resume.

Sadly, Sunday was the only day I had open to work with him, but this guy was at street racing, motorcycle racing and then motocross on Sunday.

Credit: Stephanie Sager

Sunday he picked me up at my house and introduced himself, Dave Ross.
We drove an hour to the track and talked about our interests, passions, and racing. He figured out quickly that I am not into racing, but love other sports. He was incredibly easy to talk to. We stopped at KTM in Amherst Ohio and he filled me in about this company. This place is the world headquarters of this company who produces racing and street motorcycles. Interesting stuff. He clued me in on an app that is called “Sun Seeker”and you use it to tell you the path of the sun. What he was doing with this app was figuring out if he should shoot the building as B Roll at that time or wait til after we leave. He decided to shoot the location at that time.

At the track, we first met a man who was not interested in anything but knowing that we had a camera and getting his kid on TV. I watched at Dave patiently dealt with guy all day. I believe from my interactions with Dave, his stories, and how he dealt with other people that he was able to do that based on his life experiences.

Over the course of the day we shot quite a bit of footage, I did some on-air camera work and he taught me a lot about racing, TV, and traveling.
We had a little bit of downtime during intermission while we uploaded the footage to his computer and the stories he had were amazing. From traveling the world, seeing amazing places, shooting at different locations, his family, bungee jumping with a frayed bungee over Victoria Falls, the perks of having a camera, etc.

Sure, I learned a lot about starting a TV show from the ground up and racing.

However, the thing I took out most from my full day hanging out with Mr. Ross


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