Game Show

9 Jun

Another project in the bag. Only two more, before graduation.

It is coming up quickly. Almost too quickly, but I am excited for comes next in my life.

The Game Show is another required project at Ohio Center For Broadcasting. I was so determined to be director, since I was unable to do so during our 30 Minute News Cast. My instructor, Pam Mertens, already knew that this was my goal. She was happy to give me the position I had wanted all along. Plus, we were doing two tapings and to be fair I decided that I would take another position in the second game show.

Do you remember the game show “To Tell The Truth?” That is our game show, only at OCB we call it “Imposters”

The concept of the game is simple.

3 contestants come on the show trying to trick our panel. One person is the real “insert name here” the other two are acting as if they are that person. Our panelists each have one minute to ask the contestants questions, trying to figure out who is the real person.

Afterwards the vote and at OCB depending on how many people vote for the “real person” depends on how many internship hours you are awarded.

On Wednesday we practiced in the studio so that everyone who was working on the technical side of the show were able to get practice in before we taped our show on Thursday. Thank goodness we did that! My class is small, only 8 of us, and due to that not only was I directing the show, I was also my own techincal director. Directing and TD-ing a show where the cameras are constantly moving and you are looking for your next shot is incredibly difficult.

**I have had some practice though at it before. During the month of February WKDD had a radiothon at Children’s Hospital in Akron. WKDD asked OCB if we could steam it on their website. I was asked if I could help and I did. That day I worked camera, I technical directed and I also directed. Busy day, but very fun.**

That was game show #1.

For the second game show, Kalena wanted to direct. So I took her position of the first taping at camera #1. Still busy, my camera was focused on the contestants. So depending on who was being asked a question I had to make sure my camera was zoomed in on that person and my shot was set before the contestant started talking, plus I had to watch my head room, make sure not to move the camera until we were off the shot. Not as easy as it sounds! However, I do really enjoy camera work. So I welcomed this challenge as I did with directing.

Thursday: SHOW Day.
Got there early on tape day, as I usually do because I want to make sure I am set and ready when class starts, even if we do not start the graded project right away. I signed out one of our cameras because I wanted to tape myself directing, so I can add it to my demo reel in a couple of weeks when we start working on that.
I went into the studio and control room, turned everything on. My monitors, the sound board, the cameras, everything!
When it comes to something I am passionate about i am very thorough.

When it came time to do the show with contestants (kids from other classes) I was set and ready to go. My camera was in place, the set was good, the talent was ready, and so were the contestants.

Credit: Stephanie Sager

Credit: Stephanie Sager

Credit: Stephanie Sager

I do not think that I could have done any better. I was very happy with my performance as a TD and director. We had one minor hiccup, during the show, but easily fixed with the magic of editing.

Game Show #2
I left my directors chair and headed over to camera #1.

Credit: Stephanie Sager

As I mentioned I enjoy camera work and it was fun doing it for this show. Now that I was not directing I actually listening to the show and how funny it was with the different responses.

Credit: Stephanie Sager

After the shows were over, I went and uploaded my footage into the computer. I also started editing my shows. However, on Monday I will go in and edit the rest.

I also talked to Pam (our instructor) and she said I did well.
Overall: VERY happy with everything involved. Good job 8-16 Class.

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