Blogs I Wrote

9 Jun

Over the last few weeks, I have been writing quite a few blogs at my internships. The New 102 and Q104 in Cleveland, however most of them have been sydicated and only need to be edited for our websites. I have managed to write a few of my own as well. Take a look beyond the link and see what I have been writing recently.

102 Things To Do This Summer In Ohio

This blog took me a while. First, I had to think of 102 things to do! Then I had to go to Getty and get pictures. At CBS Radio we only have permission to use certain pictures, so I had to change some of the things to do in Ohio in order to find a picture to go with each “thing.”

Graduation Songs
A fun blog with songs dedicated to this years’ graduates.

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
Last weekend the Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Diamond Jubilee.

National Best Friends Day
June 8th is National Best Friends Day. So I made a blog dedicated to celebrities and their best friends.

Obama Sings “Call Me Maybe”


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