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23 Jun

Today I updated my Visual page. A lot of new videos, starting from the time I started school until now.

This coming Tuesday, I will not have a show on BeOnAir, I will be out of town. I have an opportunity to go into the production room of an actual TV show in Chicago.

On last week’s show, I had some techincal difficulties, but once I got through the techincal issues I had Ray Rowe, professional wrestler, to speak on his career and his long awaited return to Cleveland. That interview, will be edited and the highlights will be up soon!


Blogs I Wrote

23 Jun

Yesterday I walked into my internship to excellent news. The CBS Radio has syndicated posts that they send down to us. Now, instead of us editing and posting the stories, they are now auto-posting. That means that I will be able to find my own stories to write.

Always a great thing due to you can always improve your writing skills.

Here are the blogs I wrote for The New 102 and Q104

Blogs I Wrote

18 Jun

Today I have been pretty active in my blog writing for CBS Radio here in Cleveland. I had a couple of syndicated posts, as usual, this morning. Yet, I was still able to post some of my own writing today.


  Read My Posts Here!


14 Jun

Sunday afternoon I had the opportunity to help shoot footage for a Sizzle Reel that is going to be presented to Fox Sport Ohio as a potential tv show.

Not only was this a great opportunity to see how a TV show develops from the very beginning stage, but the man who I was working with has so much experience in TV as far as shooting, editing and producing that I could not name all of his credentials if I tried. The one credential that I was told about originally, prior to meeting him, was he was a producer for 8 seasons of Amazing Race. While being apart of Amazing Race he also won an Emmy for outstanding cinematography.

PLUS, he was a graduate of the Ohio Center For Broadcasting.

When Opportunity Comes Knocking, I Answer The Door

Blogs I Wrote

9 Jun

Over the last few weeks, I have been writing quite a few blogs at my internships. The New 102 and Q104 in Cleveland, however most of them have been sydicated and only need to be edited for our websites. I have managed to write a few of my own as well. Take a look beyond the link and see what I have been writing recently.

Q104 and WDOK Blogs

Game Show

9 Jun

Another project in the bag. Only two more, before graduation.

It is coming up quickly. Almost too quickly, but I am excited for comes next in my life.

The Game Show is another required project at Ohio Center For Broadcasting. I was so determined to be director, since I was unable to do so during our 30 Minute News Cast. My instructor, Pam Mertens, already knew that this was my goal. She was happy to give me the position I had wanted all along. Plus, we were doing two tapings and to be fair I decided that I would take another position in the second game show.

Do you remember the game show “To Tell The Truth?” That is our game show, only at OCB we call it “Imposters”

The concept of the game is simple.

3 contestants come on the show trying to trick our panel. One person is the real “insert name here” the other two are acting as if they are that person. Our panelists each have one minute to ask the contestants questions, trying to figure out who is the real person.

Afterwards the vote and at OCB depending on how many people vote for the “real person” depends on how many internship hours you are awarded.

Our Game Show Details