Whirlwind Of A Week!

14 May

Starting last Saturday, Cinco De Mayo, Ohio Center For Broadcasting did a live remote from the Cleveland Zoo. I was asked by the program director to host the event. The broadcast was during the 2012 Arthritis Walk, which OCB helped sponsor.

Local celebrities came to emcee the event, including the Cavalier’s mascot MoonDog, who helped the walkers stretch before they started the event.

After the walk, i was fortunate to interview the Arthritis Walk’s Hero, Nolon Walker. He’s a 16 year old kid who has been dealing with arthritis since he was 7 years old. He also raised over $1,500 for the walk. On top of that between his community and school, he had over 75 people walking with him. Talk about incredible!
I interviewed his parents as well, who could not have been more proud!

As I mentioned OCB sponsored the event due to our Campus Director daughter also suffers from arthritis. She has a hip replacement about 6 weeks ago and she is only 17.

On top of that… I also interview the Co-Chair person of the Northeastern Ohio branch of the Arthritis walk. She was inspirational. She has been suffering since she has been 25.

On Tuesday in class we had Mark Biviano, from Rubber City Radio,in for two days. He talked to us about sales and marketing. He taught us some psychology in sales. Plus, different versions of selling a product. He was brilliant and kept my usual antsy class into a focused group. All of us enjoyed what he taught us. This was the first time in months that I took notes in class…and I cannot wait to use the tactics he taught into real life situations.

Tuesday night i talked about the paranormal on BeOnAir.com. My friend Tony joined me in studio and we had a lengthy chat about the different shows, our beliefs, and answered questions or talked about the comments left on Twitter and Facebook.

Thursday in class we started day one of station day. My friend Leah and I are the music directors of our station day. We picked our call letters WBRO, tag line “Come at me bro” and our format “A/C.”

Over the weekend I was out of town, which is why it has taken me so long to get to this post, but today I posted some blogs mostly on Q104. Enjoy.
Meet The New X-Factor Judges

Rihanna Is Topless In New Music Video


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