What A Busy Week?!

4 May

This week has been amazing as I continue to build my resume and broadcasting experience.
Wednesday was my class’ 30 Minute News Cast.
Thursday we had Dense Dufala from 19 Action news come in and talk to us.
Today, I wrote my blogs for Q104 and WDOK, but there were some awesome bonuses!
Also, I went in to my school to do an interview for some of my classmates.

Wednesday was our 30 Minute News Cast at the Ohio Center For Broadcasting.
Sadly, I didn’t become the director as I had hoped. I remained at the floor director spot, but I learned a lot about the responsibilities of a news cast.

Credit: Stephanie Sager

However, that was not my only job. My class is small, so I was without camera people! As I was moving around directing and cuing the talent I would have to make sure before the camera was live that the shot was what I had locked down at the beginning of the show. It is not EASY!

Credit: Stephanie Sager

We ran thru our news cast 3 times. The third time was not the charm! One of the administration staff came down the hall blowing a train whistle and he ran our train off track. He came in and shut down cameras, the teleprompter, turned off the green screen during the weather. It was incredible, but through all of it….My class and I remained as calm as possible and still continued on. We proved to our instructors and other staff that we could handle crazy situations.

Thursday afternoon as one of the guys in my class edited our news cast, we got to meet and talk with Denise Dufala from 19 Action News. She shared her stories of being in the business from her beginnings to the present. She offered advise and possible concerns we should have. She was hilarious and a real inspiration.

Credit: Stephanie Sager

I was able to get a quick picture with her. Sadly, I did not get to spend too much time talking to her because she was running a bit late and everyone wanted to have a picture and chat with her. However, she gave us her email address and I will take advantage of it. I know she has a lot of knowledge and I cannot wait to learn more!

Credit: Stephanie Sager

Today, Quatro De Mayo was one of the most fun days I’ve been apart of at CBS Radio in Cleveland.
It was Festive Friday and a semi-holiday.
Our conference room was filled with tequila (I did not take part in the tequila portion of the day) We also had Menchie’s! I love FroYo (frozen yogurt) and we were hooked up. Next weekend is a huge radiothon event for the Cleveland Animal Protective League and Q104 has teamed up with many businesses to help raise money for the APL. Menchie’s is one of those businesses.
PLUS, someone brought in about 8 different salsa and chips for us! Thank you.

I did have work to do though! A lot happened today, including the death of Adam Yauch from Beastie Boys. He lost his fight against cancer. CBS New York sent down a few stories for us to post, but I managed to get one post of my own done.
Snooki’s Dream Wedding

Also, on WDOK two fo my stories remain as the top two stories. Meaning that both of these posts I wrote are the most viewed on the website.
Celebrities’ Real Names
Demi Lovato Opens Up About Bullying, Depression, and Recovery.

PLUS, tomorrow….I will be apart of 2012 Arthritis Walk. I will be broadcasting live from the Cleveland Zoo during the walk. Music, interviews, and inspirational stories! It’s an honor to be apart of this event and being asked to host it for BeOnAir.com is flattering!

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