What a day?!

19 Apr

To start the day in class we were able to go listen to guest speaker Dan Salomone who is the news director at 19 Action News. He had a lot of good things to say including what he looks for when hiring potential employees. It is always a good thing to listen to what professionals are looking for currently in the field.

After the speaker, I grabbed a camera and went back to the Rock Hall to finish up my stand up for my package.

The other day when I shot my stand up, I didn’t double check the shot and it wasn’t properly set-up. My hair and bright blouse stood out, but the Rock Hall behind me looked like a white screen. The color was off.
After I reshot the stand up…I went inside to hopefully meet up with my contact. Unfortunetly she was busy and unable to meet with me. So, I left my thank you card for her with the information desk and I packed up and was ready to leave until….

I noticed that 19 Action News had a remote set up outside. As I passed I asked if it were possible for my partner and I could stand by and watch. Turns out, it was Chris Van Vliet their entertainment reporter. He is fantastic and a avid wrestling fan.

When I got back to class, mayhem had run a rampage over my classmates and instructors. Luckily, it seems like everything has been worked out. I also got a bit of a promotion. I was going to be the floor director which is important, but I wanted to be the director. It seems that I may have been bumped up into that position. Sweet!

When I checked my emails, I had a message back from my contact at the Rock Hall and I will be shooting my interview on Monday. I really like working with the Rock Hall.

Overall a productive day!


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