The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

17 Apr

Today I went down to the Rock Hall to continue working on my package for my 30 minute newscast.

I was able to get a contact with a woman who works at the Rock Hall and her help was unbelievable!

She was able to grant me access to film the whole lobby area, two floors. Plus, get tons of exterior shots. My B-roll is going to be amazing, I don’t think I’ll be able to use every shot that I was able to shoot, but its always better to have it than not.

I shot the bottom of the lobby including the CBGB on-ing, a car from Joan Jett, Alex Van Halen’s drum set from 1980.
The main lobby I shot some of the banners, a Michael Jackson tribute guitar, and more.
Outside I shot the Grateful Dead exhibit sign, Johnny Cash’s tour bus, and I did my stand up outside the unique building.

I am very excited to seat down and edit everything. Of course, I’ll post it as soon as I am able.

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