30 Minute News Cast

11 Apr

As apart of the Ohio Center for Broadcasting, one of the many projects you’ll participate in is the 30 minute news cast. Your class will write, edit, shoot, produce, direct, report and be the talent for your own news cast.

My class is currently working on the writing, shooting, and editing of the stories and packages.

Today was a treat though. Don Mertens was a special guest speaker. He has over 35 years experience in the TV broadcasting with News Channel 5, WEWS in Cleveland OH. He spoke for almost 2 hours and after we took a break, we met in our school’s tv studio. He brought in his own scripts and we took the positions we wanted or were assigned for our new cast in a couple of weeks.

I was the floor director and a camera person. I locked down my cameras after I found the shots that the director and I agreed on. After that I grabbed my headset and cued the talent to speak and make sure they were looking at the correct cameras when speaking.

Aside from that today, I have been working on my package for the news cast. I have been shooting and working on my voice over for it. I am doing it on the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony inductions. I haven’t quite have it all done, but I’m already very proud of the work I’m putting into it. I’m learning a lot of being on location.

The more I do with TV the more I fall in love with everything behind the scenes.
Incredibly happy, I chose to go back to school and learn everything about radio and tv!


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