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Blogs I Wrote

30 Apr

Today is another day at CBS Radio, Q104 and WDOK.

I really love being about to write posts, polls, blogs and galleries. Especially when they do so well. Today I got news that last week when I posted Celebrities’ Real Names on WDOK that I reached over 104,000 views last week alone! That is more hits on that post than the WDOK homepage. Incredible right?
That was my second post I’ve wrote since I’ve been here that has reached over 100,000 views in one week.

Today, I wrote some more blogs for WDOK and Q104.
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24 Apr

Are you listening now?
On your smart phone download “TuneIn Radio” search “” and I’m on the alternative station!

Tonight’s show is all entertainment.

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Blogs I Wrote

23 Apr

Today was another day at CBS Radio in Cleveland. As always I wrote blogs for Q104 and The New 102, WDOK.

Demi Lovato Opens Up About Being Bullied, Depression, And Recovery!

Eco-Friendly Dates In Cleveland

Blogs I Wrote

20 Apr

As usual here are the posts that I did today at my internship.
Of you’re wondering why there used to be quite a few more, now CBS Radio is writing a lot of them for us and I just have to edit them and post away. So, it isn’t my creative idea or my wording so I do not add them to the blogs I wrote.

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What a day?!

19 Apr

To start the day in class we were able to go listen to guest speaker Dan Salomone who is the news director at 19 Action News. He had a lot of good things to say including what he looks for when hiring potential employees. It is always a good thing to listen to what professionals are looking for currently in the field.

After the speaker, I grabbed a camera and went back to the Rock Hall to finish up my stand up for my package.

The Rest Of The Day…

The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

17 Apr

Today I went down to the Rock Hall to continue working on my package for my 30 minute newscast.

I was able to get a contact with a woman who works at the Rock Hall and her help was unbelievable!

What Did She Do?

Blogs I Wrote

16 Apr

Today these are the posts I wrote for Q104 and WDOK.

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