BeOnAir.Com Tonight: Wrestlemania Predictions!

27 Mar

Wrestlemania XXVIII hails from Miami, Florida this Sunday.

So, tonight on the “Fab & Sassy Show” tonight I want to know and share your predictions and opinions on every match.

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Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy. Hands down I see Team Teddy winning this match.

I love Team Johnny though. A lot of my favorites are on this team, especially Dolph Ziggler and The Miz. I am sad to see Christian out due to his neck injury. I was told Drew McIntyre replaced Christian. However, I would like to see Alberto Del Rio who will be in town to induct Mil Mascaras to the WWE Hall of Fame…I’d LOVE more than anything to see him. He is one of my favorites as well.

Team Teddy is solid though. Even with Ryder and Santino are best known for their comedy, both are talented in the ring as well. Kofi is unbelievably talented. Kahli obviously has a huge height advantage over everyone. Plus, we now know that Booker T is apart of the match as well. Team Teddy for the win! Sorry #Heels.

I’m not sure who to side with on this match. Both men have great characters. Both are very strong right now. I think AJ, Bryan’s girlfriend,  will be the deciding factor.

I would like to see Daniel Bryan retain.

Kane vs Randy Orton has the potential to be very good. The storyline is good and Orton is a favorite of mine, but ever since Kane’s return, I haven’t cared about the character. Why did they put the mask back on him? I think Kane needs a re-boot.

Orton wins.

The most hyped match on the show. The Rock’s name is going to bring in a lot of people to this match. Plus, it’s in the Rock’s hometown Miami. Cena is surely to be hated even more than usual but Rock’s hometown fans. The constant battle of words and trying to constantly one up each other has me interested. Even though the Rock won me over with his “Rock Concert” in Cleveland, I’m giving this match to Cena. I have no idea what happens after this match though. The Rock will leave again for Hollywood. Where does that leave Cena? I know before long Cena will be in the title run again, but not right away. I think Jericho and Punk have too much going to involve Cena at this point.

Taker is undefeated at Wrestlemania. He is 19-0. There is no way, Triple H is winning this match. Even with HBK as the special guest referee. I also believe that this marks the END of Taker, I feel a retirement coming. 20 is a HUGE milestone! I think Taker will always be around WWE. He lives and breathes it as much as the McMahons do. At least in my opinion. This will be one of the most talked about matches though, Triple H has never half-assed anything. Plus, last year in a No Holds Barred Match it was incredible the amount of craziness these two men pulled off. This year an extra treat, Hell In A Cell. This is a match I LOVE because as a pro wrestler myself I fall back in love with the sport again. 3 of the best men to ever step foot in WWE are in this match, I feel like an ultimate fan. No doubt in my mind this will be my 2nd favorite match of the night.

Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos to win. Need I say more?

This will be my favorite match of the night.

As a wrestling fan since I was kid…this is a wrestling fan’s DREAM! Jericho claims to be the “Best In The World” & Punk claims to “Be The Best Wrestler In The World” They are two of my favorites EVER! Their promos, in ring abilities, and over all personas are the best. No other match compares!!! Each match has some element, but this one has it all. Personally, I would like to see Jericho win and Punk chase the title. However, no matter what the outcome I will be happy. There are only 8 matches so, I expect this match as a few of the others to have a decent amount of time. The more time this match has the more wrestling we will get and that only makes it better in my mind.

I see this match being 2nd on the card. It has some good build up. I’m not sure what will be first on the card, but I don’t see the IC championship being first. Although, it is quite possible.

I would like to see Rhodes continue as the IC champion. He is a strong heel even though he is small. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Big Show win though. This match could go either way.

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One Response to “BeOnAir.Com Tonight: Wrestlemania Predictions!”

  1. Eric Anderson (@Eric_Anderson54) March 27, 2012 at 3:33 pm #

    1. John Cena to beat The Rock – This reminds me a few years ago when Hulk Hogan came back to challenge the Rock and The Rock won. The Rock has little to gain and a Cena win will cement himself as the face of the WWE. A Cena heel turn would be intersting here, but I doubt the WWE would do that in Wrestlemania.

    2. The Undertaker to beat Triple H – The Undertaker has never lost in WrestleMania and I don’t see it happening here.

    2. CM Punk to beat Christ Jericho – This can go either way, but I see a longer title run for CM Punk.

    3. Sheamus to beat Daniel Bryan – There usually will be at least one title change at Wrestlemania. Sheamus’ recent loss to Bryan on Raw eludes a title change.

    4. Team Teddy to beat Team Johnny – This can go either way, but I think the addition of Booker T puts them over the top.

    5. Randy Orton to beat Kane – Orton is near his prime and Kane is past his. Orton will move on to title contention after this.

    6. Cody Rhodes to beat the Big Show – This can go either way, but I see Rhodes retaining. However I could see Rhodes dropping the title and moving on to contend for one of the big titles.

    7. Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos to beat Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres – Ugh, Maria Menounos may beat Beth Phoenix. Out of all of the great women wrestlers in the world you have to have Maria Menounos and Kelly Kelly in a match. What a joke. 😦

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