Filming A TV Show

22 Mar

Last week, I was asked to help out on a shooting a television show. I jumped at the chance because this is what I want right now. I want all the possible TV experience as possible. The show’s concept I was told was very much like Pawn Stars, but it would be local to Cleveland.

Today, the filming started in Parma. I already knew there is a lot more to shooting a tv show then just showing up with cameras. There is so much you have to set-up a lot of equipment, including lighting. That was our biggest issue today. The shop that we are working with sits at an odd angle to the sun and the blinds did not help block out enough of the sun. We worked quickly and got everything set as best as we possibly could.

The show’s concept we were told about changed quite a bit as well. The show is more Antique Roadshow than Pawn Stars. It is also more like a half hour commercial for the shop than an actual show. No drama, no movement…just sitting at a table talking about their experience at the store, the people they dealt with, and would they recommend the store to others.

I love the experience of using the cameras, playing with the lights, and being able to figure out issues in a real life situations. It is better than sitting in a class and being taught. I am a complete hands-on person. I like to get into the details of everything. Sitting in a classroom telling me what a camera does isn’t helping me at all.

I was supposed to film tomorrow as well, but i recently got a note saying that I wasn’t needed tomorrow. So chances are this project is already scratched.

You live and learn, this won’t stop my dreams from happening. Only a small bump in the road.


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